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Irish Horse Welfare Trust

Irish Horse Welfare Trust


At Sunday, the welfare of our horses is our priority. Once they have finished their racing career, we’ll take responsibility of the horse and promote their re-training and re-homing.

It takes a minimum of 6-9 months to re-train and re-school an ex-racehorse. Racehorses come out of a highly stressful career and it takes time for them to settle into a new type of work. Most horses adapt happily given the chance and can go on to do other disciplines such as Hacking, Dressage or Show jumping.

Sunday will work with a number of accredited rehoming centres, including the Irish Horse Welfare Trust, to deliver the welfare care that your horse needs.

We will give you full disclosure to the decision process followed to find the best route forward for any of our retiring racehorses.

Many successful racehorses have gone on to be successful in their new careers including the former Grade 1 winner, Forpadydeplasterer, who has twice won the racehorse to riding class at the Dublin Horse Show and now competes in side saddle competitions across the country.

One of the main objectives of Sunday, when considering the process for a retiring racehorse, is to ensure a healthy, safe environment for each thoroughbred. We will also ensure the welfare and traceability of our horse into their next career.

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