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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find a selection of frequently asked questions relating to racehorse ownership through the SUNDAY Racing syndicate as well as the Mobile App and other important subjects. This page should be your first port of call if you ever have a question or query relating to the service and it’s open to both members and non-members.



How can purchase shares in a racehorse at SUNDAY Racing?
We aim to make racehorse ownership accessible to everyone through our syndicate scheme. SUNDAY Racing allows you to experience the thrill of ownership at an affordable price.

Can I purchase a share as a gift for someone?
Yes, we offer Gift Cards which are emailed to your chosen recipient with all details of their share ownership and how to access the SUNDAY Racing app.

How much does it cost to join?
Visit the ‘own a share’ page where you’ll find all available racehorses and details of the price per share in each.

What will I receive when buying a share?
You will receive a welcome email and certificate that acts as proof of ownership of the horse. You’ll also be given a link to gain free access to the SUNDAY Racing mobile app.

Why is ownership so affordable at SUNDAY Racing?
We can keep the costs down and present our members with an opportunity to own a share in a talented racehorse through a syndicate scheme. The costs are shared by the different owners with around 1000 to 3500 shares available. Actual number of shares in your chosen Horse are available on the APP.

What information will I receive about the progress of the horse and when and where it would be racing?
When accessing the SUNDAY Racing app you’ll find details of upcoming races your horse has been entered into with information on the date, meeting, distance, and more. There’s also a link to recent results.

Will all information regarding the horse be communicated via e/mail or other means?
The best and quickest way to gain accurate and up-to-date information on your horse is through the SUNDAY Racing app. This can be downloaded to your mobile or tablet device in seconds and is free to install and use.

Will I receive a share certificate?
If purchasing a share in a horse for yourself you will receive the share certificate. If purchasing for someone else as a gift the share certificate will be sent to them.

How long does the share cover from when to when?
Cover usually lasts for one year, Details of your start and finish date can be viewed on the mobile APP.


How many shares are issued against this horse?
Between 1000 & 3500 shares are issued against the horse. Details of shares available in each horse are available on the APP and will outline in your welcome email.


Costs & Charges

How much does it cost to own a racehorse with SUNDAY Racing?
Click the ‘own a share’ button on the app or site and you’ll see the price of ownership in each horse available. The price is per share and you can purchase more than one share.

What is the minimum number of shares I can purchase?
You can purchase one share in any of the available horses.

What is the maximum number of shares I can purchase?
The maximum number of shares you can purchase in any one horse in a single payment through the app is 19. Please contact us if you’d like to enquire about purchasing a higher number of shares.

What are the extra charges?
There are no extra charges or hidden payments. The share price is the only cost for the entire period which includes all training, vet, and other bills. We’ll never contact you requesting more money.

How long does my share last?
When purchasing a share in your chosen horse the payment will cover you for the season or year. It’s a set period so be sure to check this before buying. When the time is up you will have the opportunity to renew or cancel.

Is this the only payment to pay to the end off the share period?
Yes, you won’t be billed or charged again until the end of your share period and only if you agree to continue with your share.


Mobile App

How can I download the SUNDAY Racing app?
The SUNDAY Racing app can be downloaded to iOS and Android devices, including mobiles and tablets. You can do this in just a few seconds through the App Store, Google Play, or our site.

How do I create an account?
Creating an account is quick and easy. Simply register by providing your email address as a username and creating a password. In future, all you’ll have to do is log in.

How much does it cost to access the app?

It’s free to download and access the SUNDAY Racing app. Owner content is available exclusively to owners.

What are the benefits of the app?
There are many benefits to having the app. You can view performance data of your horse, trainer’s reports, entries and upcoming races, exclusive photos, and videos.

Where do I find my horse on the app?
If you have confirmed your share in a racehorse, you’ll find all details under the ‘My Horses’ tab. Access profile, form, pedigree, live webcam and lots more.



How do I access data on my horse?
Log in to the SUNDAY Racing app where you’ll find updated data on your horse. Here you’ll find training times and speed reports.

When is the data updated?
The great thing about the app is all data relevant to your horse is updated regularly. You’ll know exactly how your runner is performing behind-the-scenes.

Will I get betting information?
On the app, you’ll find the all-important betting information available on your racehorse for upcoming entries. This allows you to act quickly and get in early to secure a better price than is available to the general public.

What training data is available?
Members will get fractions times on each training run. You’ll know if your horse is running at a canter, half-speed or racing pace. This access means, as an owner, you’ll have a unique insight into how the horse is performing approaching race day.


Extra Benefits

Can I visit the stable and see my horse training?
SUNDAY Racing gives members have an opportunity to win a stable visit where they’ll see their runner up close and personal. You can also have a chat with the team.

Can I attend the race as an owner and watch my horse compete?
As a member, you’ll have the chance to access an owner’s badge which allows you access to one of the most exclusive clubs in sport. Attend the races as an owner and see the sport you love from a completely different angle.

Will I see any of the prize money?
Owners are entitled to a share of any prize money won and this will be distributed depending on how many shares you have in the horse. This could help pay for the next year’s subscription or withdrawn from your account.

Can I take a guest when attending the races with an owner’s badge?
Due to limited numbers, only those displaying an owner’s badge can access the owner’s areas of the racecourse. Any guests can purchase general admission tickets.

Anything else?
There’s a long list of benefits to owning a racehorse through SUNDAY Racing. When accessing the app as an owner you’ll find full details of what’s available to you. There are even expert videos from jockeys and trainers which provide a unique insight into the sport.

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