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About Us

Sunday is the new form of racehorse ownership where anyone can get involved for a fraction of the cost.

At Sunday, our aim is to bring you, the racing fan, as close as possible to your horse through data and performance analysis via our app where you will also be able to watch exclusive Sunday videos and content.

Our Sunday app provides you with all the content and data that you need to know how well your horse is training. Our unique tracking device and heart monitor will provide you with speed and performance data relating to your horse when they’re working. You will be able to watch your horse working live on the app and afterwards receive data relating to the horse’s stride length, speed, acceleration as well as much more. It’s the first device of its kind in racing. We want you to see, first hand, how your horse is performing.

Sunday was an idea that was born after we felt that there was no way of getting into racehorse ownership unless you were extremely wealthy. From there, we created an app and website, tailored to your needs, to not just provide you with updates about your horse but also to provide you with exclusive Sunday content. 

It doesn’t stop there though! We also want to take you on the journey of owning a racehorse and, hopefully, a winning one. Nothing beats owning a winner but so few people get to experience that joy and excitement. At Sunday, we want you to experience that buzz. 

We want you, the racing fan, to be at the centre of everything that we do. We want you to be part of the Sunday racing story where you can follow the journey of your horse from their stable to the race track. 

One of Sunday’s aims is to provide a more interactive platform for our owners to educate them and give them a deeper look inside the racing game. We want our owners to engage with us through the digital content that we display on our app. 

Sunday’s vision is to be a global racehorse ownership group where we have owners from all over the world with horses in various countries, communicating through our app. We want you to enjoy the sport more and we want to bring you the best racing content because we believe that the best racing experiences are achieved through better understanding across the sport as a whole.

Sunday Racehorse Ownership Syndicate: Everything You Need to Know

Ever dreamt of owning a racehorse? The glamour, the access, the winning feeling of cheering on your runner from the owner’s enclosure.Experience your love of racing from a totally unique angle.

It’s a dream for many sports fans but joining the ultra-exclusive racehorse ownership club is just that for most people – a dream. Well, until now that is. Sunday Racing has changed all that with their revolutionary Sunday Racehorse Ownership Syndicate that aims to bring the experience of owning a racehorse to the masses.

We do things differently at Sunday

Racehorse ownership syndicates are nothing new, of course. They have been around for a while now with groups of like-minded fans clubbing enough money together to purchase a racehorse and cover additional fees, including training costs and vet bills.

That method has served a purpose for many years and brought many members joy, but Sunday believes it’s time for a change. We say it’s about time racehorse ownership syndicates were dragged into the 21st century.

Technology now plays a huge part in sports, from a Premier League footballers’ pass stats to a world champion boxer’s punch output. Racehorses can be won and lost in a split second. In a sport where tiny margins are so important, a split second could be the difference between cheering a winner or ending as a near-miss runner up.

We have modernised the racehorse ownership programme, calling on all available technology to bring members closer to their horses. You’ll be just a click away from training videos, get the views of our expert trainer on your mobile app and even compare split times during fast work.

Data at your fingertips

This kind of data was previously available only to the top trainers in the sport who had invested heavily. Now it can be downloaded to the mobile apps of our members and accessed at any time. Sunday Racing keeps the affordability of racehorse ownership syndicates but adds the benefits of modern technology.

What else do we do differently at Sunday Racing? Well, we aren’t trying to re-invent the wheel, that’s for sure, but we are improving the wheel to make it the best, fastest and most reliable in the business. Our members don’t pay training fees or additional costs. It’s a one-off payment per year that covers everything.

Let’s look at the many other benefits of owning a talented racehorse through Sunday. In the following article, we focus on the Sunday racehorse ownership model and why it’s unique and affordable. We also look at the all-important data-led ownership experience, sourcing your horse, the different types of ownership available, budgets and lots more. We even profile the horses available to buy shares in.

Sunday racehorse ownership model

The Sunday racehorse ownership model is different than you’ll find with other syndicates. For one, it’s far more affordable and there are no hidden charges or nasty surprises to trip you up just when you think you’re on top of everything. Put simply, it’s a single payment purchase.

This is something we are extremely proud of as it means our members know exactly where they stand in the long-term. Not only are the prices per share in your chosen horse affordable, but you can also buy multiple shares in a runner for yourself or as a gift for someone special.

After confirming your purchase there are no more payments to may. Let’s say, for example, you purchase a share in one of our racehorses for £49. That payment covers you for the entire period detailed on our site – usually a year. The payment also covers all additional costs, including training fees and vet bills.

If your horse is hit with an unexpected vet bill, for example, that won’t affect you in any way. Once you have made your payment to purchase a share in your racehorse and join our syndicate, we’ll never contact you for any additional costs. If, after the set period, you wish to continue with your ownership you simply make the next year’s payment to renew.

Here at Sunday Racing, we pride ourselves on making racehorse ownership a simple, hassle-free and enjoyable experience. All you have to worry about is keeping up with the stats and monitoring your horse’s progress in training and upcoming races.

Data Led Ownership experience

Most followers of horse racing only see the end product. They tune into the live-action on television, get a quick glimpse of the horses in the parade ring looking in incredible shape and at the peak of their fitness, check out the betting then makes their predictions and get their stake down. They then cheer on their pick to the finish line before moving on to the next race.

Anyone who has ever been involved in sport at a professional level knows that’s just a snapshot of the work that goes in. Racehorses, like a prizefighter ducking between the ropes in a world title fight, spend hours, weeks and months preparing for their big moment. Races are won and lost in training, on the gallops, recovery, and travel. It takes an expert hand to understand the needs and wants of a top racehorse as well as to train a winning racehorse.

Advancements in technology have had a major impact on how the top trainers prepare their horses. They understand victory comes from the smallest of margins, so trainers are always fighting to get their hands on the most up-to-date data and reliable figures.

Sunday Racing share that data with each and every one of their members. You get the same data our training team see. You may not be able to visit the stable every day at the crack of dawn, but you can follow your horse’s progress from the comfort of your own home using the Sunday Racing mobile app. As a part-owner of a horse, you’ll know exactly where your runner is in his preparation.

On the Sunday Racing app, we give a data-led ownership experience. You’ll have pace, speed and performance analysis at your fingertips. You’ll get the splits, knowing the fastest furlong and the fastest speed.

Timing helps the training team decide which level to run the horse to give it the best chance of winning and progressing. Our star trainer Jack Davison compares sectional times different classes of horses to fully understand where we need to be.

All of the data available to Jack Davison and his team as well as the Sunday Racing members isn’t just crucial in preparing the horse for races, it also gives owners an experience they just won’t get elsewhere. You’ll get the maximum benefit of owning a racehorse and understand the sport just a little differently.

Sourcing Your horse

Our expert team have been involved in racing horses for decades and, in that time, have learned a thing or two about spotting potential. We love picking out a young horse yet to reach their peak but one we believe we can work with and help get the most out of. Our keen eye has already paid off with many winners already in the camp. Better still, there are many more winning days to come and you can get involved in the journey at Sunday Racing.

Jack W Davison has a lifetimes involvement in the Racing and Bloodstock industry. Having started out preparing foals for the sales but Jack has now progressed to graduate from the Godolphin Flying Start programme. Jack gained experience working with trainers Clive Cox, Jim Bolger, and Gai Waterhouse in Australia before taking out a license on his own license in 2018.

Bringing the best out of fillies like Fresnel and Black Magic Woman Jack campaigns his horses across both Ireland and the UK.

With confidence and a competitive sporting edge, Jack is the right modern trainer for SUNDAY, Jack fully supports our desire to use Data and Video while bringing our horses on their journey to peak performance.

After doing all the necessary research on a horse’s breeding and pedigree we like to look at their natural ability. Some horse’s take to their tasks easier than others. You can see they get what it’s all about and what’s expected of them. Others need a little more work but our team love working with both types.

The mentality is another point of focus for us. This is more something we would work on in training, but we want to see a strong character and competitive mentality when sourcing a horse. There’s a fine line between the personality of horses and even between the sexes. Knowing how to work with each horse is key to making them a winner.

Types of Ownership

Racehorse ownership was once a pastime of the rich and famous. Royalty, movie stars, athletes. That’s no longer the case. There are different levels of racehorse ownership with something to suit all. If you have the big bucks you can go in as a sole owner and cover all the daily expenses. You can go in with one or two others to share the costs or you can join a syndicate.

Understanding the different types of racehorse ownership will help you decide which one is best for you. Where do you fit into the world? Below we explain the different types of owners from a sole owner who covers all to company ownership.

- Sole Owner

A sole owner is a person who owns a racehorse outright. Their name is registered as the owner and they are often seen at racecourses around the UK and Ireland. While having sole ownership of a racehorse is exciting, it’s extremely expensive.

You must purchase the horse, recruit, and pay a trainer, cover all vet bills, pay for transport to and from the racecourse and all other associated costs. One major positive, however, is you collect all prize money won by your horse.

- Partnership

Many of the most successful racehorses are owned by a partnership. This is either to help share the spiralling costs of racehorse ownership or it’s because a horse is so successful and promising a few different owners want to be involved and refuse to give up their share in a talent.

Many big names of the industry are either sole owners or in a partnership. A partnership could be two or more owners with the costs split depending on the percentages of the partnership, but they also have to divide any winnings.

- Syndicate

Syndicates have become increasingly popular in recent years as a way to allow fans of horse racing to sample the luxury and excitement of racehorse ownership. A syndicate is similar to a partnership in that there is more than one owner but while a partnership may have two owners, a syndicate could have hundreds or even thousands.

The more owners in a syndicate the smaller the price to each member but the more any prize money is divided. Most popular syndicates have between 1000 and 2000 members.

- Racing Club

A Racing Club differs from the set-up of a syndicate slightly. The club has members that pay a subscription and the decisions are led by a Racing Club manager who oversees the project.

It is the club itself that owns the horse, rather than the members, but all involved in the Racing Club enjoy the benefits of racehorse ownership, including owner’s race day tickets and visits to the stables.

- Commercial Syndicates

Commercial syndicates are similar to the racing syndicates mentioned above but are made up of a group of owners who put forward the finances to purchase a racehorse. Many of the top racehorses are owned by a syndicate due to the high prices involved in being connected to a champion runner.

Commercial syndicates are often much more expensive than standard racehorse ownership syndicates and each member owns an agreed percentage of the horse.

- Company Ownership

Another popular style of ownership with the big name and expensive racehorses. A company can own a racehorse outright or could form a syndicate with other companies. This is often seen as a great form of promotion for the business, especially if their horse is successful, races often in big, televised events and is covered in the media.

The racehorse is owned by the company or companies involved and any winnings are paid to those parties.

Budget and Costs

What are the budget and costs associated with the Sunday Racehorse Ownership Syndicate? This is an important factor. Before getting deeper into the budget and costs involved, we thought it was worth taking a few moments to look back at our plans when first launching the syndicate.

We wanted to make racehorse ownership available to all by offering an affordable price. For your payment, you can enjoy the excitement of racehorse ownership without breaking the bank. You can purchase as little or as many shares in a racehorse as you like, or you can spread the love across our different horses to expand your interest.

Our members are in complete control of how much they spend and how big a percentage they have in a horse. You can purchase one share in a talented racehorse offered by Sunday Racing to dip your toe in the water of owning a racehorse or you can push the boat out and aim for a bigger slice of the pie. Remember, buying more shares may be more expensive at first but it also ensures you a larger slice of any winnings earned from the horse.

We have covered the costs already in this article. It’s a one-off payment that means our members know exactly where they stand. There’s no added fees, charges or requests for extra cash. The single payment makes it a great gift for the racing fan in your life. There’s no direct debit to set-up and you don’t have to budget for money coming out of your account every month for a gift you gave.

Let’s look at the finer details of the budgets and costs of joining the Sunday Racehorse Ownership scheme today and what it means for you…

- Advantages of Single Payment Purchase

The advantages of single payment purchase have been covered in great detail in this article but it’s important and we make no apologies for repeating ourselves on this one. We’re proud of the set-up as it makes things manageable for our members.

The price you see per share is the only price you will pay for the length of your membership. For example, if you decide to purchase one share in a Sunday Racing horse at ÂŁ49 for you or as a gift you will make a one-off payment of ÂŁ49. That includes all fees and charges. There will be no further requests for payment during your membership. This allows you to concentrate on enjoying the excitement of owning a racehorse.

- Horse Racing Owners Account

As a member of the Sunday Racing Ownership Syndicate, you will be given an owners account and access to the owners only app. That’s where the magic happens. The app is easy to use and has all the stats, fixtures, times, interviews, advice and more. In short, it’s everything you need.

There are many benefits to having a horse racing owners account with Sunday, including weekly training photos and videos, betting information and advice on your runner as well as the chance to secure a stable visit. Get to see your prized possession up close and personal during training.

- Prize money

One of the many benefits to owning a racehorse through Sunday Racing is you are entitled to a share in any prize money won by the horse. Remember, we carefully selected each of the horses in our portfolio so we have high hopes they will enjoy a successful season with plenty of wins and, of course, loads of prize money.

The percentage of any prize money due to you depends on how many shares you own in the horse and how many other members are in the syndicate. Members would hope to return at least enough from a season to cover the costs of the next season’s membership.

- Registration and charges

We cover all the registration and charges associated with training and running your horse. The one-off payment you make for a share in your racehorse is pooled with the payments from other members and these funds are used to cover all expenses, including registration and charges.

- Racehorse training fees

Each of our talented racehorses are trained by experienced hand Jack Davison who boasts the experience that comes with a career spent working in the horse racing industry. Jack shares our vision and hopes for each of the Sunday Racing horses and he’s fully committed to bringing success and sharing that with our members.

As above, all racehorse training fees are covered by your one-off payment. We’ll never contact you asking for an additional payment to cover training fees as these have all been agreed in advance with Jack and covered by the one payment made by each member of the syndicate. No nasty surprises and no unexpected requests for money.

- Cost of running

The costs of running your racehorse include travel, entry into races and any necessary vet checks. As above, you don’t need to worry about these expenses when you are a member of Sunday Racing. When you have paid your annual subscription fee to secure your share in a horse that money covers the cost of running as well as all other outgoings. The funds invested by our members are reinvested back into the training, health and running of your racehorse.

This means you don’t pay another penny, but it also means we are as committed to the racehorse as you are and want to see the same level of success. The one-off payment made by our members is stretched to cover everything for the season. Select the horse you want to be part of, pick the number of shares you’d like to purchase for yourself or a loved one as a gift then sit back, relax and enjoy being a racehorse owner.

Sunday Racing App

You’ll get the best out of your racehorse ownership experience by downloading the Sunday Racing mobile app. This can be done in seconds and is available to download to iOS and Android devices. After completing the download process you should sign in to the app to view all stats, videos, articles, schedules, and your profile.

The app is always ready, and you’ll even get updates when something new has been added. Download the Sunday Racing app and you’ll never miss the latest information. We have made every effort to ensure the app is simple and easy to use, although it’s also sleek, stylish and modern. On the homepage, you’ll find links to purchasing shares in horses or articles concerning horses you have already invested in.

The articles from expert owners, trainers and jockeys give you an insight into the sport, the kind you just won’t get anywhere else. The app is updated regularly to ensure the content is fresh, up to speed, reliable and interesting.

You can also check out your horse’s profile, when they’ll be running next, the thoughts on our training team on how it should run, reviews following the race, plans for the season and lots more. You will even get access to early betting odds that allow you the benefit of jumping the queue and getting a better price on your runner than will be available to the public.

Seeing your very own horse romp to victory is something special. Watching it romp to victory knowing you had it backed early and at a great price is even better. You can achieve that when becoming a member of the Sunday Horse Racing Syndicate.

Download the user-friendly app to an iPhone by following the simple steps below…

- Open the App Store on your mobile or tablet

- Type 'Sunday Racing' into the search bar

- Choose the correct app and click Get

- The Sunday Racing app will download and install

- Login to your account and start using

The app should be downloaded to every device you intend to use it on. There may also be updates available and you can also allow notifications when the news has been added to the app.


As you can see from our review of the Sunday Racehorse Ownership Syndicate, we like to do things a little differently. Our aim to make racehorse ownership affordable to the masses. We want our members to enjoy the thrill of owning a stunning and talented racehorse without breaking the bank. We also ensure you are in complete control with no added fees or surprise payments. Remember, this is a single payment with the fee covering you for the term of the subscription.

Being a Sunday Racing member allows you to access all the latest information and stats on your horse. You’ll get the full experience, include training data, times and splits. Members will also get updates from our expert training team as well as jockeys and other racing professionals. Not only will you own a share in a racehorse, but Sunday Racing will also take you behind the scenes and give you a full understanding of how the industry works.

Click any link on this page to get started. You can read more on Sunday Racing, browse the racehorses available to purchase shares in, decide on how many shares you want and confirm. Shares in a racehorse Sunday can be bought as a treat to yourself or a gift for a loved one.

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