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Sunday is the new form of racehorse ownership where anyone can get involved for a fraction of the cost.

At Sunday, our aim is to bring you, the racing fan, as close as possible to your horse through data and performance analysis via our app where you will also be able to watch exclusive Sunday videos and content.

Our Sunday app provides you with all the content and data that you need to know how well your horse is training. Our unique tracking device and heart monitor will provide you with speed and performance data relating to your horse when they’re working. You will be able to watch your horse working live on the app and afterwards receive data relating to the horse’s stride length, speed, acceleration as well as much more. It’s the first device of its kind in racing. We want you to see, first hand, how your horse is performing.

Sunday was an idea that was born after we felt that there was no way of getting into racehorse ownership unless you were extremely wealthy. From there, we created an app and website, tailored to your needs, to not just provide you with updates about your horse but also to provide you with exclusive Sunday content. 

It doesn’t stop there though! We also want to take you on the journey of owning a racehorse and, hopefully, a winning one. Nothing beats owning a winner but so few people get to experience that joy and excitement. At Sunday, we want you to experience that buzz. 

We want you, the racing fan, to be at the centre of everything that we do. We want you to be part of the Sunday racing story where you can follow the journey of your horse from their stable to the race track. 

One of Sunday’s aims is to provide a more interactive platform for our owners to educate them and give them a deeper look inside the racing game. We want our owners to engage with us through the digital content that we display on our app. 

Sunday’s vision is to be a global racehorse ownership group where we have owners from all over the world with horses in various countries, communicating through our app. We want you to enjoy the sport more and we want to bring you the best racing content because we believe that the best racing experiences are achieved through better understanding across the sport as a whole.

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