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Using technology to better the experience for racehorse owners

The most important people in horse racing are the owners. They find the horses, buy horses, race horses and pay all the bills in between. For most, it’s just a hobby and as a result, they are not able to see their horses training every day. So, what can we do to keep you more informed with the day to day training of your All About Sunday horse?

Using Technology

Technology is advancing all the time and Sunday Racing syndicates are using best on class technology to improve your ownership experience. Data for a racehorses speed and weight provide our racehorse owners with information on just how fit your horse is by comparing their winning weight or previous run weight to their current weight.

Premier League Players

Another key feature of the technology is that we compare a horses heart rate against it’s MPH speed when they work. This tells us how fit your horse is and how far your racehorse is off a run. By analysing your racehorse’s heart beats per minute and then the recovery time after they work we can see the progress they are making. We often see Premier League players with their Data vests beneath their jersey and all of the horses in our horse racing syndicates use the exact same technology when on the gallops.

Race Planning

Timing is another great asset that can gauge what sort of level your horse will run to and where you should place them. As part of the Sunday experience, our trainer Jack Davison can compare sectional times when your horse is training to the sectional times of different classes of races to know how quick we need to be.

By providing you with this sort of data, we, at Sunday, give you the best racehorse ownership experience that there is and allow you to get the maximum benefit from the purchase of your racehorse.

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